Skin Breakouts; Do’s and Don’ts

Once upon a time, I did not know what a skincare regime was. Judge me not, i had never had to battle acne. I just took my bath twice daily, moisturized my skin and I was good to go. In short, my skin was flawless. How was i to know my skin would become my wildest nightmares in weeks to come?

One day I woke up to a zit on my chin. Well, I did not care. it was just one zit, what could it probably do to my face? A week later i was refusing to leave the house. My whole face was covered in acne and it was just terrible. My skin had broken out so badly.  I then realized i had to take my skin game seriously or I’d lose my beautiful skin forever.

In as much as i felt embarrassed to step out, i never panicked, Rule number one, do not ever panic when you experience a skin breakout. This would prevent you from listening to advice and remedies from just anybody. Accepting remedies and skin products from just anybody would just worsen the problem. Do not panic.

I then went online to learn more about the causes of breakouts and how to battle it. Rule two, research, research and research. You should understand that every skin is different and what worked for Joan might not work for you. Know whether you have oily skin, dry skin or combination skin. Also, try to know what could be the probable cause of the breakout. Skin breakout causes include;

  • Hormonal changes
  • Certain medications
  • An unhealthy diet including deep-fried and junk food
  • Stress and lack of sleep.

You now know what might be causing the breakout, kindly put a stop to it. This is where more research comes to play. You need a strong skincare routine which wouldn’t worsen your plight. Basically, you would need a face wash, An essential oil, a moisturizer, a peeling solution to clear the spots and a sunscreen. This awesome Article would guide you more. One major step is also to be consistent, Your beautiful skin would need time to get restored.

Today, I have my flawless skin. I am doing everything possible to have it stay that way. Join my train!

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