Skincare Routine for the Busiest Women on Earth-Vanessa

A snippet into my everyday life routine would have you seeing me leaving home at 7 am and getting back at 8 pm. Yeah, most of us can relate. sometimes I get so exhausted I don’t even remember I have got a skin to care for and I just want to sleep after a hard day’s work.

I realized my skin just didn’t care about the fact that I was busy and didn’t make time for it. I developed dark spots, uneven skin tone and skin breakout. I needed an effective remedy to suit my daily schedules and to heal my skin, I then got into researching a bit.

To have a skincare routine that actually works, you’ve got to know your skin type. You might be dry-skinned, oily or a combination.

Having an oily skin, I was so prone to acne. I needed to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize my skin all within 15 minutes daily. Finding the right products was a hurdle on It’s on, I just didn’t want to risk my skin getting worse.

A great friend, however, introduced a couple of products which I admit worked wonders on my skin. Let’s quickly get to the action, I know you busy bees got to run.




N.B:  You could have flawless skin no matter your schedule, just use the right products and be consistent… Try to use a different towel for your face always. WAAAIIIIIIIT, one last thing, I got all my products from the best online beauty shop in ghana.




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Romeo Osei
July 2, 2020

Great piece. A must follow routine.

July 2, 2020

I am white and I am wondering if these products would be effective on my skin. I battle acne

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