She Smells Awesome

A typical hot sunny afternoon in a public transport would have you feeling super uncomfortable and itchy. You have had a tough day and this car is just too small. The ventilation is poor and you start to smell this unpleasant odor coming from no where but your clothes. Oh goodness you say, I walked out of the house all fresh and smelling sweet. A moody you then mopes your way through the day.

Holding a refreshing fragrance is an art, yes you saw right. Its a beautiful art you’ve got to learn and be consistent towards. The authenticity factor is the first lesson today. Make sure you are getting your fragrances from the best of the best and from only authentic sources. I personally shop my fragrances from the of beauty express Ghana. They are the number one leading beauty shop and have super authentic fragrances.

I bet you didn’t know that how you wear your fragrance determines how long it last on you. Its a major and a very important step. Moisturize your skin first and do not rub your wrist together, Now I know you are used to it, but you’ve got to stop. Friction may cause the fragrance to fade away faster,

Now this is an easy step, Wear lighter clothes during summer and thicker clothes during winter. Wearing coats and heavy clothing in summer would just make you sweat and mix up with your fragrance giving this musky smell we all do not want.

Boost up your confidence loves, smell awesome and turn heads wherever you step. Be the person who smells awesome.

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