Is using a primer a waste of time?

Primer to smoothen your skin

Primer is a key makeup product whether you do a full makeup or you keep it simple. Some people might say using a primer is a waste of time and not needed, But how is you makeup looking at the end of the day? Do you end up with some few smudges here and there or is your face still in tact at the end of the day? Well if you’re part of the former then you’ll definitely benefit from using a primer.

Why are primers important? Primers smoothens the skin so you end up with a polished finished look and your makeup stays on for longer unchanged and not damage. Using a primer is an important step in makeup as it forms a layer by filling in the pores, tiny creases and blemishes in your skin. So when you apply your foundation, concealer, eye makeup and all that, it wont be sticking to any dry skin or scabs so you end up with a smooth finish.

So thinking of using a primer now? Good. But what primer do you choose now? When it comes to choosing the right primer, make sure you know the type of skin you have. All makeup primers are either silicone-based or water-based. So make sure you know which best works for your skin.

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