Makeup, Yay or Nay?


Makeup is without doubt one evolving trend. Makeup refers to the art of applying cosmetics such as lipstick or powder to the face to enhance or alter beauty. All over the country, we see the rave and the craze. Is it worth the craze? Would makeup fizzle out anytime soon?

Makeup evolved from Egypt 6000 years ago when both men and women used Kohl to line their eyes. Makeup therefore has been a part of us for a long time. Enhancing ones look boost self-confidence and ego, Not to say one can’t look her best without makeup, one can. Makeup only proves that one is making a conscious effort of looking his or her best.


Makeup also accentuates Key and striking features in an individual face, so for example if an individual’s best feature is her lips then lipsticks can pop her lips and make it stand out or striking. Makeup also makes one feel different from the everyday kind of look. One might have an imperfection which slows down their confidence, makeup can hide such imperfections hence boosting confidence.

Good and quality makeup is also a key factor in having a flawless look. Know your source, buy from the best and the best only. Our Make up section has got all authentic and to makeup brands developed for just your skin. It doesn’t matter what shade you are, there’s a shade for all. Makeup is definitely here to stay. Join the wagon.


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